Friday, August 22, 2008

Buttermilk Pancakes

Growing up, my mother made these many Sunday nights for supper. Often, the missionaries would come over and have these pancakes with us. They are easy to make and rise up so light and golden. This is a good way to use your extra buttermilk after you make pralines (see candy section)

6 eggs
4 cups buttermilk
3 cups flour
2 tbs. sugar
4 tbs. melted shortening or vegetable oil
3 heaping tsp of baking powder
1 heaping tsp. baking soda

Beat eggs slightly, add buttermilk. Sift in dry ingredients. Do not over mix or the pancakes will not be as light. Pour batter on griddle to desired size. Let pancakes bubble up and turn. Brown on second side. Serve with homemade maple flavored syrup (see recipe below).

You may want to half my mother's recipe. It was meant for a crowd.


Manda Panda said...

I have always had bad luck with homemade pancake batter, and good luck with bisquick. But, I might give yours a try...I trust you to not lead me astray when it comes to anything culinary!

p.s. I think my children would eat pancakes for every meal of the day if I would let them.

Lindsay said...

I LOVE pancakes but my mom always made waffles instead. I am going to have to make these one saturday morning and add some blueberries!! Yummy!

boxochocolates said...

Hi Ron and Beth
Great blog, Dixie found it and shared. Already printed out your moms pancake recipe, Charlie is anxious to try some too. Thanx, and Mery Christmas!!!!

Ronnie said...

Lorna and Chuck --

Glad you like the blog. I post every so often whent the mood strikes. I have lots of recipes to share but it takes time.

Take Care --